Orange Brent Hinds Terror 15W Signature Guitar Head

Orange Orange Brent Hinds Terror 15W Signature Guitar Head

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Metal heavyweights Mastodon are known for their love of combining modern thrash riffage with psychadelic prog, with a little sprinkling of sizzling blues and country twang for good measure! Brent Hinds is one of the wildly creative masterminds behind the operation, known for his free-flowing bluesy chops and commanding on-stage presence. Now he's teamed up with Orange to create a mini-but-mighty amp with a sound that simply can't be tamed!  



Rewired, Redesigned

The two channels are designed to deliver monstrous, in-your-face sound without hassle. The clean channel, in this case called 'Natural', couldn't be simpler: one volume control and that's it. The sound has been tweaked to deliver more low-end whilst retaining excellent balance. This provides you with a no-frills transparent sound that works brilliantly as a platform for pedals. Push it a little harder for a rich compressed crisp that works wonders with single coils and humbuckers alike! 


The 'Dirty' channel takes it in the other direction, giving you Gain, Master and 3-band EQ controls for plenty of tonal tweaking. The gain structure has been redesigned from the ground up to replicate Hinds' saturated, demanding tone - it's a 3-stage gain structure that gets fatter as you crank it, ideal for Mastodon-esque riffage and crispy southern rock alike. If you roll off the gain, you'll notice it retains plenty of brightness that'll respond nicely to plucked arpeggiated parts - highly responsive while having plenty of hair to boot!


Choose Your Wattage!

Combining Orange's signature full & half power modes with a built-in attenuator switch (labelled 'headroom or bedroom') means you have four different wattages to play with: 15, 7, 1 and 1/2. That's right, a half-watt! This means that the Brent Hinds Terror is a fully-fledged mammoth of a gigging amp that'll give you heaps of gutsy tone when you need it, but when you want to dial it down to avoid upsetting the neighbours, you can do so without losing the integrity of its excellent valve sound. 


As well as this, Orange aim to ensure that your amp lasts as long as possible; the Brent Hinds Terror uses the same transformers as the rest of the Terror range, hand-soldered flying leads, an all-valve effects loop circuit and chassis-mounted switchgear to give you top-notch sound for longer - what's not to love?


Here's What Orange Have To Say About The Brent Hinds Terror:

A true channel switching terror! With its own voice and character the Brent Hinds Terror is its own beast. Designed in collaboration with Mastodon's Brent Hinds, the amp features two channels and a new gain structure that makes it a completely unique Terror.


The single control on the natural channel has been redesigned with more bottom end but retains the finely balanced and highly playable character of the Rocker series. The dirty channel has a different 3 stage gain structure. It's brighter at lower gain levels and fattens up the more you dial the gain in. The new gain structure also means that the gain comes in more quickly.


Power switching options of 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts make it perfect for bedroom, studio, and stage. Using the beefy Terror transformers, the Brent Hinds Terror is able to take full advantage of the EL84 output section, giving players the ability to create warm valve compression and saturation at neighbour friendly volume.


From Bedroom to Headroom

The Brent Hinds Terror switches between 15, 7, 1 and half a Watt. When in Bedroom mode, the circuit has been designed to retain the springiness and feel that we love about valve amps, a sensation that often gets lost with some attenuator designs. This makes for great tones in the practise room or in the studio, with the option to step up a gear to full power 15 Watt mode for the stage.


Twin Channel Design

The 'Natural' channel features just one control for volume and is voiced with more bottom end as per Brent's specification. Cleaner settings produce clear, glistening tones whilst cranking the volume brings through the a darker but still very British crunch that loves to be kicked harder with boost and overdrive pedals.  The 'Dirty' channel  is more familiar with Gain, Master Volume and a three band EQ. The differently designed three stage gain structure means that the dirty channel has a brightness at lower volume levels that fattens up and you dial in the gain. (Optional FS-1 footswitch sold separately)


Engineered To Be Played

At Orange, we expect our amps to work for a living. For the best possible tone and durability, the Brent Hinds Terror uses the same proprietary transformers found in all of our iconic Terror Series. Like our latest flagship valve amp heads, the Brent Hinds Terror does away with plastic connector blocks and ribbon cables in favour of hand-soldered flying leads. The chassis-mounted switchgear is secured to the classic Terror series enclosure. As for the amp's effects loop, we've opted to keep the signal path all-valve to preserve the amp's tonal integrity.


Brent Hinds Tattoo Styling

The Brent Hinds Terror not only carries Brent's signature - it also bears his facial tattoo. The tribal imagery adorns the front of the chassis and we continue that theme on the settings markers. This amp is carries Brent's uniqueness stylistically as well as tonally.



Features: Twin channel, valve-buffered effects loop, half-power mode, headroom/bedroom attenuator switch

Controls, Natural Channel: Volume

Controls, Dirty Channel: Gain, bass, middle, treble, volume

Output power: 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 watts (switchable)

Effects loop: Yes, valve-buffered

Preamp valves: 3 X ECC83 (12AX7), 1 X ECC81 (12AT7)

Power amp valves: 2 X EL84

Unboxed dimensions (W X H X D): 35.6 X 17.7 X 15CM (14.01 X 6.96 X 5.91")

Boxed dimensions (W X H X D): 43.9 X 25.3 X 23.9CM (17.28 X 9.96 X 9.41")


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