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Stone Deaf

Stone Deaf

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Luke Hilton, the founder of British effects and amplification brand Stone Deaf, started out with nothing but a massive pedal collection and

a simple dream back in 2009. That dream was to bring something new to the world of effects, breaking the chains of trends and fads and

instead becoming a brand who creates the sonic trends of the future.

In 2010 Luke’s dream became a reality with the highly acclaimed PDF-1. A truly unique drive pedal unlike anything else, PDF-1 sported a

parametric EQ and active circuitry that allowed for on-the-fly control via an expression pedal. This technology has shaped the foundation

of Stone Deaf’s amazing range of drive, distortion and fuzz pedals: Warp Drive, Kliptonite, Fig Fumb, Trashy Blonde and the successor

to the company’s first creation, the PDF-2.

However, Stone Deaf have also delved into the dark-arts of digital, giving unprecedented control to analog effects and valve amplifiers.

The first offering in this line is the amazing Tremotron, an all analog but digitally controlled Dual Tremolo pedal that’s sure to set hearts

alight among sonic experimentalists, as well as old-school tone purists. Stone Deaf are one of only a handful of companies pioneering

this marrying of digital and analog technology within the MI industry today.

If you want something generic, then you’ve come to wrong place. Stone Deaf craft tone like no other, so if that’s what you crave then

welcome to the awesome magical world of Stone Deaf, now available exclusively across Europe via Audio Distribution Group.

Main Features

• Broad range of amazing-sounding drive, distortion and fuzz pedals with paracentric EQs

• Active circuitry - allows for unprecedented on-the-fly control via the Stone Deaf EP-1 Expression Pedal

• The digitally controlled Tremotron is currently the most versatile analog tremolo on the market

• High-quality components and connectors

• Handmade in the United Kingdom